Our Blessed Chaos

My hubby + a 1st grader + twins in kindergarten + 4 critters..... Yeah it is chaos, but we are blessed!

Today's Verse

On my right sidebar is the "Motivation for Moms" daily tip/inspiration. Today's was this: Don’t just tell your children that you love them ~ tell them what you love about them. I was going to just post some short videos that I took this week, but then decided to add in some more commentary about what it is that I love about them and what I love about what I captured. In this video Sam could hear Carlee through the monitor. They were all upstairs with Daddy, but Sam had some down to go to the bathroom. I love that he is totally potty trained!!!!! Before I could get the camera going he had tried to have a conversation with her and couldn't figure out why she wasn't talking back. Then I got the camera going and captured three things I love about Sam. First, he still jabbers away in his own language that we call Saminese. Second, I love that he tries so hard to pronouce words correctly, I think here he was trying to say broken correctly. And third, that he loves firemen! Although I am worried about the day that they actually figure out how to dial 911 for real. YIKES!

Sam has always loved books, but lately he has started to be concerned about whether a story is happy or scary. It is hard to hear what he says in the video because he is talking quietly, which he does when he is serious but also because of Ben & Carlee chattering right beside me. It is a rare moment when all of them are not in the same room, I love that they stick together! Anyway, he says he is "Just reading" and then "see if there's a happy story". I love that he is so serious and looking quite concerned that there would be a scary story in that book, which by the way was a book of children's prayers haha! I also love that he put his jammie pants over top of his cowboy boots. Too cute!!
Here they are all reading their own books!

This one is mostly of Carlee and it shows alot about her. First that she really can be a chatterbox. At the start she was lining up some papers, she often does this - she is already organizing! Then she starts to chatter about Daddy, I think she was discussing the idea that Daddy goes to work and then comes home. But I love how quickly she becomes distracted by the closet door being slightly open and how important it is to close it. She then shows her many faces: the bossy side by telling Ben where he should be, laying claim to her seat, demanding that he pick up her card, laying claim to the cards, her nice manners, but then she refuses to share. Notice that she forgot all about the closet door. At this point Ben begins to talk about going to the dump. (Sam and Daddy had just left to go to the dump). But there is a serious case of toddler miscommunication going on here! I hope you figure out what she thought he said faster than I did!!!!
Here I was trying to capture Ben saying Yellow. He kind of did it, but the way he rolls his tongue all the way outr of his mouth is just so darn adorable. I also love that in this video it shows how sweet Ben is, notice near the beginning he snuggles into Daddy. It is quick, but it is there. Lately, several times a day he will run up to me and squeeze the life out of my leg while saying awwww, awwww, awww Ben is also thoughful, in the middle he puts his finger to his head and says, "Now what's this?" Of course we will never know, we were too busy trying to get him to say yellow!!! And finally, this child never ever stops moving or talking!! That is just Ben!!!

    And just for fun... They like to do what the others are doing. This day I guess they found their cowboy boots from Gramma SisSue!!