Our Blessed Chaos

My hubby + a 1st grader + twins in kindergarten + 4 critters..... Yeah it is chaos, but we are blessed!

Today's Verse

Thanks to Laura at Heavenly Homemakers for hosting this. Go over to her site to be encouraged by others.

This past week I have been marking papers and today is the deadline. Normally I am not so pressed for time, but for various reasons this time I am. I only have two left and they should be easy ones - only taking a couple hours each! So I was grateful when it seemed like the kids were going to settle down with the electronic babysitter and watch a video. I know, bad me - but if I got most of one marked this morning I wouldn't feel so overwhelmed and maybe we could have fun playing this afternoon after their rest (and me marking some more). Good plan right!

It was, until I started printing the reports. I usually use my old, reliable laser printer, but it ran out of paper. No problem, last month when my paper was getting low I bought big package of paper at Costco for a great price. Good thing I am so organized and replenish office supplies before they run out!

So I casually put the paper into the printer - paper jam? No, just didn't feed through. Try again - paper jam? No, looks fine. Try again - same thing! What is wrong with this old printer! I finally decided that the paper was slightly heavier than what I normally use and so the printer won't grab it properly..GRR I only have 10 more pages to print!!

Okay, no problem, I will try the new HP inkjet that I got more for scanning and faxing than for printing - I don't print on this one unless I need color. Send to printer - works fine...but only for 5 pages! The black ink cartridge ran out....GRRRRR I was supposed to buy some more to have extra on hand - these were still the sample ones that came with the printer. So much for being fabulously organized with my office supplies. GRRR GRRR GRRR

Now I have a problem! I only have 5 more pages to print before I can mark and both printers are not printing.

Option 1 - call someone to babysit so I can run out to the store (only 15 miles away). Not many people I would even ask, these three are alot for anyone. I can only think of two - both are sick. Scratch option 1

Option 2 - wait until Daddy gets home, then go to the store. Nope, that won't leave me enough time to finish the papers by the deadline. I really need to finish at least one during the day. Scratch option 2.

Option 3 - change everyone out of jammies and pack them all up to go to the store. I estimate,
1 hour to get organized (was not planning an outing today), dressed and loaded into the van,
30 minutes of driving there and home,
1+ hour for lunch, (it would be lunchtime when we got there) this includes the new fad of 3 kids having to use the potty GRRR there are benefits to diapers), also includes unloading and reloading three kids into carseats
1+ hour for shopping, also includes loading and unloading the van, fighting with 3 kids in 1 very small shopping cart that fills up quickly!

So that is probably a minimum of 4 hours, we would get home about an hour before Daddy got home anyways. Not alot of time and alot of extra frustration. GRRR scratch option 3.

Option 4 - feel incredibly trapped, alone, without reasonable options and therefore must collapse in tears. Put option 4 on hold when child comes with a mess on his hands and a mess in his pullup (I will not get any more graphic than that). Clean up, resume option 4. This option is not working, scratch Option 4.

Option 5 - pray. Good that worked. Results...
1. DUH! for 5 pages, I can use the backs of previously used papers. It is not like anyone sees it - the results are all online. It just takes awhile and likely some divine intervention for my very organized, professionally trained brain to wrap around an innovative idea like using already used paper!!!! In an office setting it would never have occurred to me to do something like that! Anyway, in a couple days when I go shopping I can get more paper and ink. Problem solved.

2. When reflecting on how I overreacted and how something like this probably would have never happened in an office setting, (even when I had my own business) I suddenly realized that I am so blessed. We are in a position where I do not have to work, I have found a way to have a very part time job that keeps me connected to my profession, and most importantly I am at home with my kids.

In all the daily frustrations and the frequent feeling of being overwhelmed I have to keep reminding myself that I am home with them. All day, everyday - not just for a few hours, I get to play with them, laugh with them, wipe their tears, kiss their boo-boos, and cuddle & kiss them. I am the one that is guiding them and teaching them and for that I am usually the first one to see the excitement on their faces when they learn something new. I am grateful to be home with my kids.


What a GREAT story! I remember when I left my career many years ago to start homeschooling my daughter, I was SO concerned that I would not be able to measure success in being a mommy till she was grown and gone. What I didn't realize is that success is a THRILL when it is measured by the excitement on her face as she learns something new.