Our Blessed Chaos

My hubby + a 1st grader + twins in kindergarten + 4 critters..... Yeah it is chaos, but we are blessed!

Today's Verse

Although all three kids have been using the potty it has not been consistently and I had not been pushing the issue. I decided it was time to take drastic measures. I am seriously tired of changing about 15-20 diapers a day, not to mention the cost of it! Remember that I am accountant - I had to figure it out!! I assumed an average of 18 diapers a day (that is only 6 changes per child, fairly accurate) and an average of .15 cents per diaper (probably a bit low). Here are the results...

We have changed just over 16,000 diapers and spent nearly $2,500 on diapers alone. I don't even want to think about how many wipes I have used, and still will use!!! I will always wonder how mothers managed before wipes and disposable diapers.

Well, today was the day! We planned a Potty Party and started the day with dolls that wet. The concept is to have your child train the doll how to use the potty. Their dolls used the potty and they were excited that they were going on the potty. But then the dolls had accidents (on purpose, I had to be sneaky about it!) The looks on their faces were priceless when they felt the dolls had wet underwear.

This novelty of the dolls wore off very quickly and they started to want to use the potty themselves. So we officially threw away all the diapers and brought out the big kid underwear. With the help of the DVD "Potty Power" (which I highly recommend) this was all extremely exciting and soon they had all successfully used the potty.

Early on in the day they all had an accident. Sam did not have any more accidents today and I saw him go to the potty without being reminded several times. HOORAY!!! I am hopeful that Sam is finally trained.

Ben & Carlee are still figuring it out and have had a couple accidents. The biggest issue is trying to convince them to actually sit on the potty! This is especially difficult when they are tired. I also had trouble convincing Carlee to put on a pull-up for bedtime. Once she got underwear on she was not about to give them up!

Having three kids learn how to use the potty at the same time is extremely time consuming! We turned the heat up in the house just so we di not have to worry about any clothes other than underwear. I am so grateful for Daddy being home today!! Well that was until he saw me taking a picture and decided to put underwear on his head. Of coarse they all wanted to do it too. Sam said it was his astronaut helmet! At least there was some humor to the day!!!

I saw a cute quote that I related to...
In raising my children, I have lost my mind but found my soul.
Lisa T. Shepherd

Only by the grace of God shall I survive potty training!! Please keep us in your prayers!