Our Blessed Chaos

My hubby + a 1st grader + twins in kindergarten + 4 critters..... Yeah it is chaos, but we are blessed!

Today's Verse

I just found a great blog carnival hosted by KatyLin at The Great Adventure. She says that one of the reasons she started this idea is "...putting marriage in a positive light! I want my husband to feel loved and respected by me, and I want to encourage others in this as well!"

When I saw this I realized how much this blog has been devoted to our kids and how little has been mentioned about my husband. So in an effort to change that I will join Katy Lin on Fridays for my own My Husband Rocks posts. Looks like she uses "prompts" which is a good. Sometimes my sleep deprived, chaos ridden brain has trouble putting ideas together!!

~ONE~List at least one thing your husband did or said in the past week that reminded you why you love him.

Every day that my hubby comes home I know that I can rely on him to take care of the kids while I do whatever I need to do. This might include finishing supper, cleaning the kitchen, or even closing the door to the den for 5 minutes of regaining my composure.

In addition to all of that Wednesday evenings have become my escape. My wonderful hubby does all that needs to be done to get the kids ready for bed. That is three toddlers changed and into jammies all by himself!!! And all of this just so that I can go to church! Every time I walk out the door on Wed night I am amazed at how God has truly blessed me with an amazing hubby and the perfect father to our children.

I love how much he loves being a Daddy!

~TWO~Share a "Generous Wife Tip"
My hubby generally gets home about 5pm and the kids are usually in bed by 7:30. This is not alot of time for him to spend with them. My tip is to let him do as much as possible. An example of this would be if one of the kids asks me to do something I will tell them to ask Daddy to help. They are so used to me being there all day that I think they forget to even ask Daddy. The end result is that our kids learn that Daddy can do whatever Mama can do.


I enjoyed reading this. It is so good for me to note what my husband is doing. He used to be in the Army and was deployed to Iraq for a year. That was when I really realized just how much he does for me! Now I think I often take him for granted and I don't mean to do that. This is a great exercise. Thanks for sharing. I checked out the host site and I may have to participate sometime soon!

your family is adorable! i love the pic, too!! welcome to MHR Fridays! you are officially blogrolled :)