Our Blessed Chaos

My hubby + a 1st grader + twins in kindergarten + 4 critters..... Yeah it is chaos, but we are blessed!

Today's Verse

I really dont like Halloween, but the kids wanted to dress up.  They raided the dressup boxes and suddenly we had Snow White and a firefighter.  Ben said "I am NOT dressed up, but Kitty is, see his geetar!"  LOL

Ben unexpectedly shared one of his treats with Sam.

Sam said "awww Ben that was so nice, Thank You! You are the brother I have always wanted!!"

While we were in Canada we had the opportunity to go on a family hike in the valley near my parents home.

I think she was listening to something

The boys were fascinated by the rushing water beneath them

The picture above is taken at the beginning of October in Canada, pretty much the end of fall by then. 

When we got back to NorthCarolina we went on another family hike to a swamp near our home.  This was at the end of October and fall is just starting!  I have truly learned to appreciate fall since living here!

Simply beautiful!

I agree - purrr-fect

Let's GO!

They are trying to figure out what that is

The day started early with Carlee at the haridresser. She sat perfectly while getting her hair done and it was so cute. But I think the bobby pins were hurting her and when we got home she went into the bathroom and took them out. I found her brushing all those cute curls out - I could have choked her!!!! I tried to fix it as best as I could and once she was in her dress she was fine - except for not being in any of the pictures that the photographer took...sigh... Other than that it was a really wonderful day. Here are some of the photos I took.

Still not sure how I got them all lined up so nicely! 
I think Ben was in love!



Everyone did what they were supposed to! 

And now I officially have a sister-in-law HOORAY!!!

And how special it was for our Grandma to be there.  Scott is her only grandson!

Look how happy they are!  

We love you guys and are thrilled that you are married - FINALLY!
May your marriage be blessed with love, laughter, and precious memories!

Going home for my brothers wedding in October meant that we also got to celebrate several birthdays and anniversaries!  We were there for my brothers birthday and my parents anniversary which is the same day - what an anniversary gift that must have been!

Anyway, what better way to celebrate than to have a fish-fry and be able to play with cousins. Nobody fries fish better than my Dad YUMMM!

A few days later was Ben & Carlee's birthday which also happens to be their cousin Hayley's birthday.  Pretty cool that half of my parents grandchildren have the same birthday.  We had a big family dinner and birthday cake after.  My mom went overboard by making each kid a cake.  Yep even Sam & Daihja got their own cakes even though it wasn't their birthday!

Patiently waiting to open presents

Time to open presents - Finally!

It is a team effort to open a present!

Once Ben realized there really was a candle then he noticed the Grave Digger!

Don't eat the candle!

Never too old to lick off a candle!

Suddenly it was quiet - for a few minutes anyway!
  For our birthday adventure we went to an indoor waterpark and had a blast!  Turning 4 in Canada was pretty cool!

One of the first things the boys did when we got to Canada was go out to see some combining. They even got to drive! Talk about excitement - even though it doesn't seem like Sam is excited in the pictures you should have heard them when they got home!  I think they went two seperate ways which is why there aren't any of Ben.   Gotta love that and a special thanks to Mr & Mrs Pask for taking them out! 

Most of September and the first part of October I was not blogging and not even taking alot of pictures.  The pictures you see posted in September are pretty much it - and I didn't even take the ones of the boys in the rain!  Our babysitter took those!

So what was I doing with my time?  I was completely wrapped up in making this...

I blogged about the making of this quilt here.  It was a gift for my brother and sister-in-law who were married in October.  I finished it only a few hours before we had to leave for the airport!