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My hubby + a 1st grader + twins in kindergarten + 4 critters..... Yeah it is chaos, but we are blessed!

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Today I found "Things I Love Thursdays" I love wipes! All kinds of wipes. I cannot live without them! Oh yes I have developed a very serious addiction to wipes. I use them for everything. Baby wipes are generally used on our bodies and for quick table cleanups. Cleaning wipes are used for everything else other than dishes - I still use a dishcloth and dishtowel for dishes. At the moment I can only think of three other times when I do not use wipes. 1) windows get windex and papertowels 2) diaper rashes - wipes burn on diaper rashes so I use facecloths 3) bleeding children get to sit on the kitchen counter with a cold facecloth (this is a frequent event so I now keep a stack of facecloths for this purpose near the kitchen sink).

I don't have a favorite brand of wipes - I use Huggies baby wipes, Lysol, Clorox and Costco's Kirkland brand for both kinds of wipes. I usually buy from Costco and get whichever is the cheapest with whatever coupon I happen to have. Still they are somewhat expensive and I would guess that they are my biggest luxury item, at least on an ongoing basis. But I do not care - I love them and cannot do without them.

I love them so much that a babywipes box is the centerpiece of my table! There is are babywipes boxes in both bathrooms, at least 3 babywipes containers in the diaper bag, a cleaning wipes container on the kitchen counter and one in each bathroom. At all times I have a full box and an opened box of babywipes - the huge Costco sized boxes. From Costco the cleaning wipes come in packages of three or four containers so I keep a full and an opened package. When I use the last container in the package or box I buy another one on my next trip to Costco.

I go through alot of baby wipes and cleaning wipes every day. I really have no idea how any mother survived without wipes. I know that they must have used alot of various kinds of cloths or rags. Imagine the extra laundry - no thanks!! I also simply cannot imagine that everytime I needed to wipe something I would have to run to the sink, wait for the water to warm up (our water is very cold this time of year), wet and rinse a cloth and then chase down whoever it was that I was supposed to be wiping. I would also have to wipe all the surfaces that messy child came into contact with. Not gonna happen - not when I can have three kids and the table wiped in under a minute using wipes. Okay, so I can rationalize using wipes for body parts. What about for cleaning? Well, it was gradual but the use of baby wipes crept into using cleaning wipes for cleaning the kitchen and bathrooms. Pulling a wipe is simply much easier than wringing out a cloth!

I used to use rags for general cleaning and dishcloths for daily kitchen surface wiping. Until I saw the commercial where the woman is wiping with a sponge and then they say she might as well be doing this.. and it cuts to her wiping with a raw chicken. YUCK!!! I have read the label on the disinfecting wipes and it says that to sanitize the surface has to stay wet for something like 30 seconds and to disinfect it has to stay wet for 4 minutes! Okay so I am obviously not disinfecting the surfaces I am wiping, but still - I am not wiping around a possibly germ infested cloth, who knows what hubby used that cloth for while I was still sleeping!!!

So there you go, my very own rationalization for my very deep rooted wipes addiction that I am not soon to give up.


I like to keep wipes for in between clean-ups. I love them because they are so convenient and easy to use!

I can get almost anything out of my carpet with baby wipes! That's why, even though my kids are potty trained, I try to keep them on hand. I also like wooden furniture wipes. So convenient, and I think they polish and clean even better than spray.

i'm a wipe fan too. the thought of cleaning the toilet and then putting the rag in the washer to use again grosses me out!

and i keep adult flushable wipes on hand at work for those days i do an excercise class at lunch :)

I don't think our house will ever be wipeless again. My mom has tubs of wipes and she hasn't had a child in the house in 25+ years!

I'm totally with you. We just had the stomach flu at our house a couple weeks ago and I used two containers of wipes in two days.
Thank God for Costco!

Woman after my own heart! I love love wipes! I have been known to clean almost anything with baby wipes and am addicted to Costco! :)

What a wonderful way to celebrate Thursdays! How fun. I was just thinking this morning that I miss having some Handi-wipes. I used to keep a thing of them in car for times when I realize that one of my kids (hopefully not all) escaped the house with a messy mouth! Great post!

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We are twins in our wipes addiction, although I am not as well-stocked as you are, you've definitely given me ideas. But why are you still using windex and paper towels when there are Windex WIPES?! ;-) Those are my absolute favorite, you should try them if you haven't already. Great post!