Our Blessed Chaos

My hubby + a 1st grader + twins in kindergarten + 4 critters..... Yeah it is chaos, but we are blessed!

Today's Verse

5 Minutes for Mom is having another great photo contest. This one is called "FUN With FOOD". Click here to see the contest and lots of really cute photos! Prego will give the finalist a $500 grocery card!!!

I had a really hard time selecting a photo to enter because I have alot of the spaghetti and cake smeared face pictures of all our kids. But because it was sponsored by Prego I was originally leaning towards a spaghetti face photo. That was until I read the instructions again and saw that they are looking for photos that are fun, family, and food related. This photo won in my books!

FUN - The photo really does not do a good job representing how much fun they had licking out this bowl. They must have spent 15 minutes licking and giggling! It was a glorious 15 minutes for me to listen to them while I was washing the baking dishes (without any little helpers who tend to not be a whole lot of help!)

FAMILY - It is not often that I get a good photo of all three of our kids willing sitting together for a photo! I try to get a photo of all three together once a month. Most of my attempts lately are quite pitiful, but this photo is already in my annual family album.

FOOD - Who doesn't love licking the beaters after mixing a cake. Unfortunately I have three kids and a mixer that uses one beater - it doesn't add up, so I improvised that day by simply putting the bowl on the floor!


looks like they're having fun! :)


That's a great shot!

Simply Adorable!! Good luck with the contest. :o)

Love this one!

Out of the 250 entries, I randomly clicked on yours. So glad I did -- what a great photo!

You are a finalist in our photo contest. Congrats!

Adorable shot, good luck and congrats on being a finalist!