Our Blessed Chaos

My hubby + a 1st grader + twins in kindergarten + 4 critters..... Yeah it is chaos, but we are blessed!

Today's Verse

I started the SOAP method of Bible study in the middle of Mark and Psalms. I am now going to add my notes from my written journal for the beginning chapters of both books so that the entire books are in this blog.


Mark 10:32-52


Help me to see and hear more clealy what God is trying to tell me


  • Jesus speaks again of betrayal and riding after three days
  • James and John ask to be able to sit at His right and left. He tells them that it is not for him to grant this
  • Key verse v.45 Jesus tells them He did not come to be served but to serve and give his life as a ransom for many.
  • Jesus heals the blind man,


We are to serve others and to sacrifice ourselves