Our Blessed Chaos

My hubby + a 1st grader + twins in kindergarten + 4 critters..... Yeah it is chaos, but we are blessed!

Today's Verse

One morning, just before lunch I was on the phone with hubby. I had called him to remind him of something. And of course, I had to complain that because our microwave was broken I could not make the lunch that I had planned.

Sam then came in and said that he wanted to talk to Daddy, I only heard Sam's side of the conversation, but this is what I heard...

Hi Daddy!
We are going to McDonald's that has a playground and I am going to have orange drink and fries and cheeseburger that has cheese in it. ANNNDDD Ben and Carlee are coming too and Mama is coming too. Are you coming?
Oh! Are you at work right now?
Okay, well, Be safe when you are coming home after you are done work all right?
And make sure you put on your seatbelt so you can be safe.
Bye Daddy
I love You too!

My observations about this little exchange:
-Apparently we were going to McDonalds for lunch and I didn't know about it! Sam came up with that little plan all on his own!
-Sam is such a cute sensitive kid trying to make sure Daddy is safe
-Watching Dora helps kids to know why we wear seatbelts - so we can be safe
-We have a super loving kid we are proud of

We did go to McDonalds for lunch that day. I couldn't bear to break his heart after he was so darn cute about it. Plus fries sounded kinda good! We did not go to the one with the playground. They were all sleeping soon after we left home so I went to one with a drive-thru and then found a park with a playground and waited until they woke up. Next time I will plan better so that I can prepare a picnic lunch to eat at this cool playground we found.


That is a great story! At least you were able to enjoy some hopefully hot fries!