Our Blessed Chaos

My hubby + a 1st grader + twins in kindergarten + 4 critters..... Yeah it is chaos, but we are blessed!

Today's Verse

Today is Gratituesday which is hosted by Laura at Heavenly Homemakers

We have moved, we have mostly unpacked, and we are getting back to normal - well whatever normal is around this crazy place! We have moved into a beautiful home in the country. Everything that we wanted and more! Well, until we got here and discovered that there are a few problems, most of them due to the house being vacant for three years.

Our bedrooms are upstairs and the upstairs air conditioner is not working so it is about 100 degrees up there when we go to bed.

The microwave has quit working - I never realized how much I rely on my microwave!

There is a huge colony of ants living somewhere near the kitchen. Nearly every day I find a long stream of the nasty little critter making their way to various treats they find on the floor, on the counters, and even in the cabinets. I am very disgusted with ants right now and tired of destroying their ant trails!

This house has a beautiful hot tub on the deck, but the hot tub is not working.

So many complaints!!! What do we really have to worry about? The upstairs air conditioning not working! Oh what a disaster! The downstairs a/c still works, we are still in the lap of luxury during the day. So, what do we have to worry about? The microwave not working? Oh what a disaster! I can't defrost meat quickly or make popcorn - oh my gosh how horrible that I have to rearrange my schedule!!! It must be that we need to worry about the hot tub not working! Well good grief the world must be coming to an end!

I mean seriously! Do you think I could stop whining and complaining for half a second to simply realize these are so unimportant. Well I did realize it, probably while destroying a nasty little ant trail. I realized that we are so blessed! With all that could be wrong, all that could go wrong - we are blessed.

We are so blessed to have three healthy, beautiful, and happy children who amazed us at how well adjusted they are with this move. It really never phased them at all! We are blessed to have found this house. A place where our children can be safe and simply be kids!

We are blessed with wonderful family. Even though we are not living close to our families, we are blessed to know they are there for us and that they love us. We are blessed to have this blog and the ability to share our daily lives with them.

We are blessed to have been led to a wonderful church family in North Carolina. We made some life long friends there even though we were only there for a year. We continue to be blessed as we have been led to another church where we have been welcomed with open arms.

I could keep going and going with all that we are blessed with. The point is to find the ability to stop yourself in the midst of whining and complaining and be grateful for what you do have. Children, family, friends, and church - nothing else matters If you have our gracious God in your life you will be blessed.


So glad to hear that you and the kids are settling in. What a blessing! Thanks for the reminder to be content where we are.