Our Blessed Chaos

My hubby + a 1st grader + twins in kindergarten + 4 critters..... Yeah it is chaos, but we are blessed!

Today's Verse

Today is the day that I am planning to be driving to our new home in Maryland. I was sneaky and pre-wrote several posts, scheduling them to post on days that I would be away from the computer.

However, my sneaky plan was not completely successful as I have now run out of time. As I am writing this on Sun May 31 it is almost midnight, the movers are scheduled to arrive in the morning so I cannot guarantee that I will have time to be on the computer, or even if I will have a computer. It depends on which rooms they pack first. Have I mentioned how wonderful it is to have movers come in and pack everything for you! That is simply the best part about a military move.

Anyway, I thought I would take a moment to post my schedule for this week so you know where I will be...
Monday - movers packing
Tuesday - movers packing
Wednesday - movers loading the truck and me appearing in court (oops have to make a post about that)
Thursday - driving to Maryland
Friday - movers unload the truck
Saturday and onward - unpacking

Once I get my computer back up and running I will be back to blogging

We are very sad to leave our home here, we have made some wonderful friends. But here are some photos that will show you why I am excited about our new house. I will certainly miss our beautiful wooded yard, but I have to keep reminding myself that we were at the new place before there were any leaves out. I am very excited to see what the yard looks like now!

This is taken looking down the lane towards the road, the house is behind me. The best part about this lane is that it is paved. The kids are going to have so much fun out here on their motorized jeeps and their tricycles (soon to be bicycles) . Right now the only pavement we have is in our carport. It is hard for them to pedal on grass and the jeeps do not do well on the uneven lawn. They ride them quite alot now, but I expect they will be out there even more, and probably will get many more scraped knees too. I will have to stock up on bandages!

Here is the front of the house. There are lots of really big windows and it makes it a very bright house. Even on this day when it was cloudy the house was very bright inside, especially the kitchen.

I simply am on pins and needles with excitement to get this kitchen set up! The kitchen we have now is old, outdated, small and very very dark. This new kitchen is the exact opposite - new, fancy, huge (this is just one view - to the left is many more cupboards, lots more counter space and the fridge and stove), and it is very very bright! OH! I am thrilled with the light fixture (top corner of the photo) over the island. Yes! The island - my new best friend - more workspace, huge storage space for big cook items like roasters and crockpots, and the best part - the option to kick everybody out of my way by saying "nobody is allowed past the island".

This is the back of the house. We will all love the screened porch for eating outside. But the very best part about this deck is that just outside of the screened area there is a built-in hot tub! All I can say about that is AHHHH!!!!

And finally (for now), here is a photo of some of the old out buildings on the property. There are several more, but this gives you an idea. Some of them will need some work before we can store much in them but there are a couple that should be okay for storage right away. And who knows what other plans I might come up with for this area!

For now though, I have to concentrate on unpacking, getting organized, tackling the never ending drama (and probably hopeless battle) of getting my hubby organized. Hopefully we will accomplish all that and get back to some sense of normalcy by mid-summer. That may be a far reaching goal, but it is something to work towards! I will certainly keep you updated.