Our Blessed Chaos

My hubby + a 1st grader + twins in kindergarten + 4 critters..... Yeah it is chaos, but we are blessed!

Today's Verse

As you remember from the last post, it was an absolute nightmare getting out of the park with three very grumpy kids. But at the exit we got handstamps so that we could get back in later. I thought that at the very least Mel could go back in and ride the other roller coasters while the kids had a nap and maybe some supper. So that's what we did. When the kids woke up we ate and then I found a playground where they could play until it was time to meet up with Aunty Mel. I figured we would pick her up and head home, but the kids had other plans.

They were in exceptionally high spirits and talked about how they wanted to go and give Elmo a big hug and kiss and touch Big Bird's feathers to see if they were soft and fluffy. They told me that they might be a little bit scared but they would be brave and do it this time. They also mentioned the water playground and the Elmo ride that we didn't go on before and they really really wanted to go back. Oh yes, and they promised that they would not be grumpy and that they would have lots and lots and lots and lots of fun!

How could I refuse! We went back to the park to have some fun! I managed to get them all on and off the tram by myself and we quickly found Aunty Mel. The Sesame Park area was fairly close to the exit so I knew we could make a quicker escape if we needed to. Afterall, we were going back at about 7pm which is close to their regular bedtime. I didn't think we would be there long. But they surprised me and we had alot of fun. I could not believe that we were there until the park closed at 9pm.

When we got back into the park the first thing we did was to go back to see Elmo and Big Bird, but we had three statues again. Oh well, at least I got to give Elmo and Big Bird hugs and Aunty Mel got her picture taken with Big Bird. They still tell me that "we were to scared to hug Elmo and Big Bird, but not you Mama, you were very brave to hug them".

The best picture I got was when they sat down to wait for me to get drinks. As I started to walk away Bert stopped to say hi to them! But you guessed it - statues!

Then we took off their shirts and let them play in the water playground. They are not huge fans of being splashed in the face so this activity was soon over.

They had much more fun in Oscar's Yucky Forest, which is basically a big padded play area with tunnels and ramps to run up and down.

Then I finally talked Sam into leaving the play area to go with me on Elmo's tower ride. I have included a short video of it so that you can see what is does, rather than me trying to explain it. Although I will say that it dropped fast enough to create a small amount of g-force. It was enough to make it a fun ride for me and Sam really enjoyed it too, especially when he saw an ambulance in the parking lot. He was very excited to be so high that he could see so much.

After our ride we went to get Aunty Mel, Ben & Carlee so we could all go on it. This time I sat between Ben & Carlee. I was slightly concerned about Carlee, I really wasn't sure what her reaction was going to be. I was quickly relieved when she started to laugh. Then I started to laugh hysterically because every time we dropped, she laughed hysterically. Meanwhile, whenever I looked over at Ben I could not see his face because he was leaning forward into the shoulder harness. I finally asked him to look at me and when he did he had a huge smile on his face, he was loving it too. I think he was trying to watch the ground.

Next we went on a spinning ride that was almost to much for my tummy. I could ride roller coasters all day long, but forget the spinning rides! The kids seemed to enjoy it though.

By now it was about 8:30 and we decided to see if we could get on the train that makes a trip around the park. We were lucky to get to the boarding station just as the train pulled in. Of course it was starting to get dark by this time, so the kids thought it was quite fun to be going through the "spooooky forest". Once we got off the train we stopped for souvenirs and headed for the tram and the parking lot. It was nearly midnight by the time we finally got home!

In the end it was a great day and a fabulously fun week with Aunty Mel. We have already started to make plans for next year!