Our Blessed Chaos

My hubby + a 1st grader + twins in kindergarten + 4 critters..... Yeah it is chaos, but we are blessed!

Today's Verse

I still don't have words for this - they did have fun though!

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I thought these would be good for the A Thousand Words Thursday post as well, just so I would have the excuse to include a description of that day. I was working inside on the computer and the kids were outside with Daddy and Mimi (my Mom). At one point I heard some loud screaming - the type that toddlers make when they are having too much fun! And so I mistakenly took a look out the window and too my utter astonishment say three naked children, covered in mud, one dancing joyfully, one rolling in a mud puddle, and one throwing mud. If you know my kids, you can probably figure out who was doing what.

Meanwhile Daddy was doing whatever task he was doing like nothing was wrong - not real shocking. But what did shock me was Mimi happily enjoying the entertainment of her grandchildren having the time of their lives.

And so what could I do but grab my camera. At some point I realized this was the perfect opportuntiy to get the photo I have been missing...

A couple years ago I was given some very precious photos of hubby when he was little and some of his family. One of them was of his mom when she was little with a bare butt and another one of hubby when he was little with a bare butt. He told me that his mom wanted to enlarge those photos and have them hanging in the bathroom. I thought this was a fantastic idea and some day I will do it. But to expand on her idea I wanted to have a bare butt picture of our kids as well. And so this was the time to get it! Some day in my spare time I will have all of them (and one of me when I was little standing in the toilet with my jammies on) on the walls of our bathroom!

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Oh, my!! Those pics are hilarious!!! It looks like they had a blast playing in the mud. :) The last photo is my favorite! ;)

Ah! Now that is funny. Save it for when they get older. hee hee!!

I can't believe you didn't title the last picture "The END". :)

These pictures are so cute! Be sure to save them for when they start dating!

That last picture is awesome! Very sweet. I'm glad they got to have a good time!

What a memory and there all so cute.

these are too funny & too cute! the last one is so precious, i'd blow it up & frame it!