Our Blessed Chaos

My hubby + a 1st grader + twins in kindergarten + 4 critters..... Yeah it is chaos, but we are blessed!

Today's Verse

I know I have not posted anything in a long, long time. I promise I will get back to blogging and update you about everything in the coming weeks! But today I could not resist in posting about the winter storm. We heard it being called an "Epic Storm"!! Well it was!

I certainly do feel like I woke up and have been magically transported back to Saskatchewan!! It literally snowed all day yesterday. My best guess is that we got at least 2 feet of snow, maybe more. Here are some of the photos I took this morning. Remember that a little more than 24 hours ago there was no snow at all!

We are all dressed up and ready to go out to play in the snow. Of course getting into all of these winter clothes is not a usual occurance at our house and we had a few problems. The biggest was that we did not have enough pairs of good winter mitts, which caused a huge fight over the pink pair. I talked Carlee into wearing a pair of stretchy gloves under a pair of little purple mitts. This pleased her because she got to wear two pairs! And Ben was thrilled with his big pink mitts!! Problem solved! At least until Ben is a teenager and I show his friends hehehe.

We were encountered by a few problems getting out of the house! This is a picture of our back deck and screened in porch. The snow was blowing so hard that the entire screened area is covered with snow! There was no way we were going to get out this door!

We managed to push enough snow aside from our side door to squeeze out the door. It is a good thing because I don't think it would have been very easy to get out the front door either!

This photo should give you a good idea of how much snow we got. This is our driveway and is not drifted! Notice the tricycle handles sticking up out of the snow. The two lumps that you see, one in front of the horse and one behind the front tricycle are their battery operated jeeps!

Here is a short video of them finding their bikes! Carlee is being so helpful trying to dig it out! It is hard to hear, but Carlee yelled at Sam to bring her a rake. Sam told her that rakes are not for snow. And I crack up every time I hear Ben saying "I am almost here!"

After digging them out a bit, Sam & Carlee immediately tried to ride them!

Ben was thrilled to find his dump truck! Until he realized that he could not get it out!

As I took this photo I was debating going to check the mail from yesterday. I decided it could wait!

Meanwhile hubby located our one and only shovel! I think we are stuck here for awhile!

I think he knew that too, because instead of shoveling he started throwing snowballs at the kids!

Then I tripped over my much too large snowpants! Thankfully I was able to keep the camera out of the snow which my hubby grabbed and started snapping pictures. Nice of him don't you think. I am so grateful that he captured my fabulous fashion sense with my cute orange hunting cap that beautifully matches my red parka!

But I did take advantage of not having the camera in my hand and showed the kids how to make a snow angel. I haven't made one of those for years!

I realized that I had not made a snow angel for quite some time when I had trouble getting up. Of course the kids thought it was hilarous to keep pushing me back down into the snow!

We have decided that living in the snow is in Sam's blood. He had a great time and I think he would have stayed out all day!

Ben, not so much. He did have fun but that was combined with quite alot of complaining.

Carlee had so much fun digging in the snow. Quite a change from last year when she would not even step on any snow! Here is a cute video of her singing while she worked!

But when she decided she'd had enough, that was it! She was done!!! And so,this is really our first Nor'easter experience. Boy do I miss the weather in California!


My favorite part is Ben saying "help me, help me, no not you, mooooooom".