Our Blessed Chaos

My hubby + a 1st grader + twins in kindergarten + 4 critters..... Yeah it is chaos, but we are blessed!

Today's Verse

Christmas Day 2009

The kids woke up early, but were too scared to go down on their own.  Fine with me, I got to go down first and capture their faces as they came down the stairs. Priceless!

Santa brought brand new bikes!!!

The bikes are a bit too big for Ben & Carlee but they should be fine by summer.  It didn't matter much to them though, they were still very excited!

Sam is thrilled with his bike!  He must have put on 10 miles riding up and down the hallway turning around in the school room and round and round the island in the kitchen!  I am grateful for Magic Erasers!

Then hubby opened his present from Santa, I did not know it would be so funny, at my expense!

Next the kids found that Santa had left them stockings that were overflowing with stuff!  Unfortunately this was another year that we are not with our families on Christmas morning, I am disappointed that they do not get to see this.  So this year I took a bit longer video with the intention of posting it here.  I apologize for the poor quality and all the moving around, but there was alot going on! I hope you enjoy this 5 minute peek into our Christmas morning!!!

Santa always seems to remember to bring socks and underwear!  This is another one of those things that I truly hope they are always this excited about!

After breakfast we started opening presents.  They did so well taking turns.  It was as if it was just as exciting to see what everyone was getting.  We also had a pretty good day with not too many fights or meltdowns.  Must be the magic of Christmas!

I had found these CAT toys for the boys months ago, before I made the realization that non-battery operated toys are so much better.  Anyway, I had them so we gave them to the boys.  Of course they loved them!

Check out this level of concentration!  You don't get that from battery operated toys. It was the final thing that made me determined to never get them battery operated toys again!

I love that my kids are just as excited, and maybe even more excited to get books as they are to get toys!

Even though we only had a couple of presents each, we opened them one at a time and managed to stretch it out so that we opened presents all day! What an incredible and fun day to spend the entire day in our Christmas jammies and open presents! We didn't even have to cook because this year we had our big turkey dinner on Christmas Eve with some very special friends. So for Christmas Day we just simply heated up the leftovers. So simple, so yummy, and so almost perfect! Only being with family would have made it perfect.

Of course the very best part of Christmas is making sure that our kids understand that we have Christmas to celebrate Jesus' birthday.  Christmas is so special to us because Jesus is so special to us.  Even though we should be doing it all year long, the entire Christmas season is an opportunity to remember to be grateful to God for sending Jesus to us, to be thankful for what Jesus did for us, and to share that gratitude with others around us.

I hope that you had a blessed Christmas.  We did!