Our Blessed Chaos

My hubby + a 1st grader + twins in kindergarten + 4 critters..... Yeah it is chaos, but we are blessed!

Today's Verse

Katy Lin hosts My Husband Rocks!.

It has been awhile since I have done a My Husband Rocks post, but this week I have been more reflective about him and thought I would sit down and write. I have been more reflective for a couple reasons. Of course because me and the kids are here at my parents and he is at our home and I simply miss him. But secondly because I just started to read the book "The Power of a Praying Wife".

I have always felt incredibly blessed to have the husband I have. Certainly no question or hesitation about that. I am barely into the first chapter and I am realizing this blessing is so much more deep. Within the first few pages (pg 14) she says "A husband can hurt your feelings, be inconsiderate, uncaring, abusive, irritating, or negligent."

Only within my own self-pity does he ever hurt my feelings. Once I get over myself I realize that I have over reacted and was wrong.

Only in my own selfishness is he inconsiderate. No, this is not my hubby - in fact he is often way more considerate than I am. Many days I am wallowing in my own selfishness, waiting for him to get home so I can get a break. Meanwhile I forget that he has commuted 120+ miles, worked all day and then has to come home to me wanting to escape, and yet he happily sends me to our room for a break!

The word uncaring is the complete opposite of my hubby. As a young child his mother had surgery and he took care of her. All he could do was bring her a bowl of cereal but that is what he did - he took care of her and made sure she ate. If I am not feeling well he always brings me what I need, food, a drink, medicine, ice packs or whatever. I won't even get into how much he cares for our children other than to say that sometimes he mothers them more than I do. This man was born with a caring soul.

Abusive? Umm no, I can't even think of a humorous analogy.

Irritating - yeah well who isn't irritating to their spouses in some ways. Okay, yes, there are things that irritate me: it drives me insane when he takes something out of the fridge but does not put it back in the same spot, he never wipes his toothpaste smear out of the sink, he never picks up his dirty clothes or puts away clean ones when I ask him too, and his 'spaces' like the attic and the shed are so insanely disorganized that I can not stand to even be near them! I am organzied and it aggravates me to have a messy house - he is disorganized and messy doesn't bother him. So of course I am always the one that is irritated with these things!

Negligent - yes, he never brings me flowers - oh wait, that's because I told him not to. No, he does not neglect - he gives me everything I want and more. I am not sure that he has ever told me 'no'. I cannot even imagine how crazy of an idea I would have to come up with before he would stop me! Let's see - how about I run away from home for nearly four weeks and the way to get there is to spend over $2,000 to fly out of the country with 2 year old twins and a 3 year old by myself. Yeah that is a pretty crazy idea but he didn't flinch, and told us to have a great time. His biggest worry was me, how would I manage on the plane and in the airport!

I am so blessed to have this man as my husband! I complain, I moan and groan - he never does! I get upset and lose my mind every other day - he never does, he is so even tempered that even when he does get upset it can be humorous. My mom & I still can laugh until we cry when we remember him throwing the stool out the back door after he stubbed his toe on it for the millionth time! That is seriously the only time in 6 years I remember him losing his temper!

A little further into the beginning of "The Power of a Praying Wife" book she even discusses women who don't even like their husbands! My hubby is my best friend.

I am only through half of the first chapter but this first chapter is about changing yourself first. Yeah, there is definately alot of stuff I need to work on, including praying more for my husband!