Our Blessed Chaos

My hubby + a 1st grader + twins in kindergarten + 4 critters..... Yeah it is chaos, but we are blessed!

Today's Verse

During breakfast we had an interesting conversation. I have no idea why Sam asked the first question, but he did and this is where it went... By the way, Ben and Carlee have this cute way of drawling the u sound in words like bug, mud, tub.

Sam Does Daddy like bugs?
Mama I guess so, I think that he likes bugs when they are outside.
Ben Why he likes buuugs outside not in house?
Mama Because bugs should be outside so that bird can eat them
Carlee (horrified) They not!!! Birds not eat buuugs!!! Frog eat bugs.
Ben Yeah Mama! Frogs eat buuugs, not birds eat buuugs.
Mama Yes, that is true, frogs do eat bugs and birds eat bugs too.
Carlee No! Birds eat Water!
Mama (chuckling) No, birds drink water and they eat bugs.
Sam What else do birds eay?
Mama Well, birds also eat worms.
Ben What kind urms?
Mama Do you remember the worms that you found on the ground after it rained?
ALL yeah!
Mama Birds eat those kind of worms.
Ben Urms are no touching! We don't touch urms!
Sam Memember we found a worm with black on its back
Carlee Yeah! What urms eat?
Mama Worms live in the dirt and eat stuff in the dirt.
Carlee OH! How urms get in the dirt?
Mama They lay on top of the dirt and wiggle, wiggle, wiggle (yes! This was complete with silly wigglin and gigglin from all of us for a minute or so)
Carlee Urms wiggle to make holes?
Sam Worms get in the ground in a hole?
Mama Yes
Ben We not touch urms!
Sam Wwweeelll, we could touch the worms if we were helping them to make a hole in the dirt. We could help them wiggle!

At this point all sense of calm was lost to three wigglin,gigglin kids!


:) cute. thanks for the smile today!