Our Blessed Chaos

My hubby + a 1st grader + twins in kindergarten + 4 critters..... Yeah it is chaos, but we are blessed!

Today's Verse

Our first week at Papa & Mimi's house...
Monday we travelled, Tuesday was a family supper, Wednesday at the lake...

Thursday I went shopping to stock up on kid friendly stuff like Pullups, Wipes, juice boxes, snacks and cereal. Have I mentioned that I am never ever buying cereal again - well at least not for a long time. Check back a couple posts to find out why...

Very early Friday morning my parents left for the weekend to a wedding. I woke up feeling just horrible. I gave the kids breakfast and got them dressed then I had something to eat. Then I turned on the electronic babysitter and layed down. Soon I was making a path back and forth from the bed to the bathroom. ugggg I have not been that sick for a very long time.

I guess one good thing about the cereal is that it made for an easily prepared lunch for the kids. They were actually pretty good all day and managed to entertain themselves between TV and playing with toys. Thankfully most of the toys and TV shows are still new enough to keep their attention. Then for the first time in ages they all laid down with me and had a two hour nap!

My wonderful cousin Bernadine came late in the afternoon to help out with the kids for awhile. She walked into the living room and started to laugh - they had dumped a bunch of cereal on the floor. No this is not the same mess as the previous post, this was a completely different cereal mess - just not as big as yesterdays. Anyway, she was an angel to clean up the house, make the kids sandwiches for supper and play with the boys outside. Later her son came and played with them too. Meanwhile I stayed in bed then had a long hot bath to try to revive myself. It didn't work, I went to bed when the kids did.

Saturday I woke up and felt better, I was just tired and weary from being in bed for so long. I decided that it was too beautiful of a day to waste in the house. I packed up and we went to a lake about 90 miles away. It is a different beach than my parents lake, but I remembered that it had a nice beach with a long shallow swimming area - great for kids. They had a great time and I got to sit and recover and enjoy them having fun!

The drive home was so peaceful because they all slept the whole way home! When we got back to town we stopped to have ice cream for supper. They thought this was incredibly hilarous and they thouroughly enjoyed their ice cream. Sam and Carlee have learned how to eat a cone without too much mess - Ben not so much... I laugh out loud everytime I see him in this video!



that is one messy but cute little boy. Ice cream is just good for so many things....