Our Blessed Chaos

My hubby + a 1st grader + twins in kindergarten + 4 critters..... Yeah it is chaos, but we are blessed!

Today's Verse

This year we had a real blessing! We got to have SisSue Christmas!!!  Gramma SisSue is hubby's aunt, but she is much more like Grandma to the kids and she was able to come visit for a few days.  Of course SisSue loves nothing more than to spoil everybody completely rotten and her time there was soon called SisSue Christmas!  And SisSue is so special that she got to talk to Santa and convince him to let her get the things that the boys had asked him for.  Remember that the boys had asked for a police motorcycle and a search and rescue helicopter... Anyway here are some of the photos from SisSue Christmas!

Can't have SisSue Christmas without new Christmas jammies

Matching jammies for the whole family!

Everyone gets a SisSue stocking filled with goodies

And everyone is so grateful and gave SisSue lots of loves!
If they only knew what was coming!!!

Carlee was tough to buy for because she didn't even know what she wanted for Christmas.  Apparenty a video game was the perfect choice because she said "it is just what I always wanted"  I guess she didn't know that until she saw it haha
A search and rescue airplane big enough for everybody to play in!

And what would we need handcuffs and convict costumes for?

because Policeman Sam needs someone to chase and put in jail!

and he can chase them on his Police motorcycle!!

as long as we take turns :-)

WOW SisSue Christmas was so much fun!