Our Blessed Chaos

My hubby + a 1st grader + twins in kindergarten + 4 critters..... Yeah it is chaos, but we are blessed!

Today's Verse

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This week we started school, that is home-preschool. I love that my hubby shares in my passion to teach our kids. I love that he is ready to jump in and do whatever we are doing. I have even incorporated Homework. This is time that the kids work on worksheets or crafts individually with Daddy. It is fun to watch him teach them and even more fun to see them learn.

One of the things that my hubby is very passionate about is guns. He has been since he was very young and grew up in a family that are all equally passionate about their guns. Now this is not only a passion to shoot or to collect, oh no! It is a passion that enables him to remember everything about all kinds of guns. I suppose it is much like a man who is passionate about sports and is a walking encyclopedia about stats.

The best way I can explain hubby's passion is to relate it from my point of view. In the first couple years of our marriage, before we had so many babies, we watched alot of movies. Anytime there was a movie or even a TV program that had a scene with guns or really anything related to guns he would have a remark about it. Many times it was about how he has that gun or when he shot one just like it. Other times it was him making observations about nit-picky little things like how such and such would never be used that way, or something was not quite right. I was always amazed that he could pick things out from scene shots that were only a few seconds.

Then we started watching the 'Band of Brother' series. You have no idea how many comments were flying around the room. Almost to the point where it was becoming annoying. Finally I said something like "Oh look honey, there's a tent" to which he replied, "That is actually called a blahblahblah" ARRRGGG he even knows the proper military term for a tent!

So when it comes to guns, yes it is his passion. But it is also his job and he has trained guys at the range. When I was pregnant he was spending alot of time at the range. I envisioned him as a drill sargent during my labor, you know like the ones you see screaming in the movies. Thankfully I had a c-section so I never got to see that side of him!

Now that our kids are not babies anymore and we have the space to shoot from our yard he has been itching to do alot more shooting. The kids absolutely love it and I love that he is passing his passion on to our kids. These are some of the pictures that I took the other day, but what I didn't capture was the looks of excitement on their faces when they came running back to me to tell me what they did with Daddy!

As always, Carlee is Daddy's girl and here she is helping him with the bullets.

I just noticed that it looks like they are not all wearing ear protection. They do have ear plugs. Part of hubby's passion is not only knowledge of the weapon and ammunition you are shooting, but the most important thing is always gun safety.

Have a blessed day!!!