Our Blessed Chaos

My hubby + a 1st grader + twins in kindergarten + 4 critters..... Yeah it is chaos, but we are blessed!

Today's Verse

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The other day I was going to mop the kitchen floor and to do so I move the kitchen chairs out of the room. The kids always think this is great fun, and this time I threw some blankets over them to make a fort. Well this was so much fun for them that they played in there for hours that day. Throughout the day it was a fort, a truck, a car with windows (I had to adjust the blankets so they could see out), a rocket ship, a house, and a camp.

At lunchtime I made simple PB&J sandwiches and told them that they could have a picnic in their fort. They were so excited! As they were heading into the fort I reminded them to pray before they eat. Usually when we pray they echo what we say. But this time I sent them in to pray on their own, this is what they prayed...

Sam Dear God-Lord,
Ben & Carlee Dear God-Lord,

Sam Thank you for our beautiful world,
Ben & Carlee Thank you for our beautiful world,

Then after a long pause Sam said Amen, followed by Ben & Carlee's Amen

It was so cute. It is obvious we have been learning about creation and thanking God for our beautiful world. I also thought it was interesting that Sam took the leadership role and Ben & Carlee echoed his prayer. I was impressed that Sam knows he is praying to God even though I always start my prayers with Dear Lord. It was cute because he paused for a long time, probably wondering what else to pray for, but then simply ended with Amen.

I am grateful that our kids are learning to pray, and I am grateful to have been shown a lesson on this day. We need to do better in teaching them what to pray for.


That is the sweetest thing when you hear a child pray. When my son prays, I always feel my heart skip a beat!

That is such a wonderful thing! Such sweet expressions of faith and love. I'm glad I stopped by. Thanks for reminding me that my children are constantly learning and that their faith can be growing at such a young age.