Our Blessed Chaos

My hubby + a 1st grader + twins in kindergarten + 4 critters..... Yeah it is chaos, but we are blessed!

Today's Verse

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Yesterday was my first trip to Sam's Club. I used to be a Costco shopper, but since we moved Sam's Club is much closer and more convenient. Anyway, I was taking my time - firstly to get used to the store and secondly because I was by myself (hehe). I went down the vacuum row and saw something I have been contemplating for some time... But let me backtrack for a minute...

When our kids were all babies my hubby bought me a Roomba for Valentines Day! How romantic! Really it was, because I turned the little robot on and away he went, vacuuming all the carpets and entertaining babies! I loved it. But Roomba did best on carpets and when we moved and replaced all our carpets with laminate, Roomba was replaced by the very technoligically advanced broom. Eventually Roomba died, but all he really needs a new and quite expensive battery. Then we moved again, this time to a house with only hardwood floors and even though I love having no carpets at all, I feel like I have been sweeping my life away.

We have been working on introducing daily chores to the kids and I have been thinking about having them start to sweep small areas. Then I thought about one of those quickie sweepers, not quite a vaccuum, but more than a broom. It would help them pick up more than just using a broom. So when I saw one at Sam's Club, I made a total impluse buy and bought it. Last night I plugged it in to charge and today we tried it out.

It is so simple to use that even the two year olds were cleaning the floors! Today I am grateful for household tools that allow the kids to do chores and learn responsibilty at a young age. They thought it was fun and I saw the potential for saving me alot of time! Oh and I love that it is called the Shark!


Sweet pictures of sweet kids doing sweet things!