Our Blessed Chaos

My hubby + a 1st grader + twins in kindergarten + 4 critters..... Yeah it is chaos, but we are blessed!

Today's Verse

This last week has been crazy! My mom is here, hubby's aunt & uncle (which really are more like parents/grandparents to us) are here - so there are three extra people to feed bread too! Seems like it is gone almost as soon as it is cooled!

We are also under construction, hubby's uncle got here and immediately decided we needed to have an addition built onto our deck. So that is what he has been busy doing. It is really going to make a big difference!

The kids all have colds, three runny noses means lots of blowing noses and lots of Puffs - which by the way really are gentle on the nose!

This week our outings have included a petting zoo and a children's musuem and four days of shopping (building supplies x2, groceries, and birthday/Christmas presents). I think today was the first day all week that everyone was here all day.

Other than progress on the deck the big accomplishment today was to get our annual family picture done. That is a huge accomplishment, and it means I can get working on our Christmas cards and letter. I think my list this year is getting close to 90! That is alot of letters to fold and envelopes to lick! This year's photo is not as funny as last year's, but I think it turned out all right!

On top of all of that I was marking papers this week. The case I was marking was more detailed than I was expecting and the responses were very poor, as a result it took much more time than I was planning on. That meant alot of late nights.

So with all of this going on two things were badly neglected this week - bible study and blogging. Bad me! The good news is that even though those were neglected, we have had a very fun week and the kids have thrived on all the attention from our relatives. Unfortunately time flies by too quickly - Grandma & Grandpa leave on Tues. My mom will still be here and our plans are for her to be on kid duty while I try to accomplish two things - get my house in order and finish the kids quilts for Christmas. Meanwhile I will be blogging and most importantly getting back to bible study!


Are you 10? You look so great! I love your family picture.

A stranger saw me struggling to get a picture of the three of us (husband, toddler and myself) at the zoo's Halloween festival and asked if he could take our picture. That was the first picture we've had of all three of us together this year. Isn't that awful?

Your picture is really cute and you managed to get your kids to sit still. I can't even do that with one. Good job!