Our Blessed Chaos

My hubby + a 1st grader + twins in kindergarten + 4 critters..... Yeah it is chaos, but we are blessed!

Today's Verse

Aly at Lip Zip wrote in her blog today "Have you Discovered FlyLady?"

Well Aly, I certainly have and a absolutely love Flylady!! The concepts have helped get my house under control (sort of). She always talks about taking babysteps. I am still in the "would rather crawl" stage but I'm getting there - 15 minutes at time!!!! It has definately helped me get and keep most of my house more organized and cleaner. Certainly the areas that we spend most of the day in - kitchen, den, living room. These rooms may not always be tidy, I do have three toddlers! But I am now able to keep on top of the daily toddler hurricanes because we pick it up every day - it is part of the kids bedtime routine.

The best flylady advice that works for me - work on one routine at time and adapt the routines to fit your house and your family. The routines that FlyLady uses are what works for her, they don't all work for us, so I made up routines that do work for us. Now if I could only get organized enough to follow them... sigh, I really should review some FlyLady stuff again!

Anyway, have fun with FlyLady, we did (and do). Yes, I said we! My hubby even got in on the "you can do anything for 15 minutes", and tackles his shed (aka bat cave) for 15 minutes at a time. Well this only happens about once a month - babysteps right?!


Hi Carrie!

I'm so glad to hear it's worked out so well for you...and it inspired a blog post too. Can't beat that!

Now that I know there's at least one husband out there that will get involved with FlyLady too, I'll have to "encourage" mine to do the same. He's in trouble now!