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The ministry of the Hills is truly remarkable and God's loving touch can be seen and felt throughout this inspiring story.  I was deeply touched by this inredible story, and for that reason alone I highly recommend this book.  This story has insopired and challenged me to think of ways I can step out of my comfort zone and be more compassionate to those in need of simple acts of kindness and love,.

However, I do have a couple of complaints with the book itself. I found the structure to be confusing and I was often lost in trying to figure out what part of the story we had jumped to or gone back to - or to try to remember the details of a specific child's case from several chapters back. There were also pieces of information, sometimes important life events, that seemed to be thrown in at the end of a chapter, almost as an after thought. It seemed to mix chronological writing and topical writing styles and it really didn't flow well. Perhaps if it had been written as a diary or by devoting a chapter to a specific child or event it would have been easier to follow. But what annoyed me the most were spelling errors!

Blog reviews are all about honest opinions - so here is mine. Awesome, fantastic, inspiring story that has truly blessed me just to have read it, but the story is somewhat downplayed by mediocre writing and poor editing.

Disclosure: Litfuse Publicity Group provided me with a complimentary copy of this book as part of their blog tours program. 
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About The House of Hope: One couple’s powerful ministry to some of China’s most vulnerable children
Robin and Joyce Hill lived in a gated community in Beijing. Their family’s life was marked by luxury and the security of Robin's job as an engineer. Then one day, as members of their church, they had a chance to tour a state-run orphanage. Haunted by the needs of the children they saw there, for the next four years they tried to help the institute in meaningful ways.
 In 1998 the Hills planned to leave China, but instead felt a sudden call from God on their lives. They left their gated community--reserved for only non-Chinese residents--moved their family into a small apartment miles outside of Beijing and immediately began to take in foster children.

They took in any child, but especially those that needed extra care—terminally ill children that couldn't receive care elsewhere, and those that needed complicated and expensive surgeries that the Hills soon began to coordinate and sometimes pay for out of their own savings.
 What began as Hope Foster Home is now New Hope Foundation. As they continue their work, the Hills enjoy support from major corporations and high-profile philanthropists as well as the trust of the Chinese authorities. The Hills' story is an inspiring example of God's care and provision for those whom society does not value. Learn more about Hope Foster Homes here: http://www.hopefosterhome.com/.

 "I strongly support Robin and Joyce Hill's New Hope Foundation which is saving so many orphan lives in China. Read this amazing story of God's grace and accept the challenge to make a difference!"
--Steven Curtis Chapman

"I had the privilege of going to China and witnessing the work that God is doing through Robin and Joyce Hill. They are wonderful servants of God who lovingly care for the 'least of these.' I hope that many will read this book and consider their example."
--Francis Chan, author of Crazy Love

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