Our Blessed Chaos

My hubby + a 1st grader + twins in kindergarten + 4 critters..... Yeah it is chaos, but we are blessed!

Today's Verse

Okay so last year was not a great blogging year.  I barely posted anything at all and the posts with pictures and videos are all backdated to the date that I took them.  So in the next month or so make sure you look back into previous months (like back to March...uggg why did I get so far behind) to catch any picture and video posts I will be posting...

Anyway, perhaps this year will be better?  We can all hope...

Let's start with an easy copy and paste.  Here are the posts I have made on Facebook in the last several months...yes several months, the last time I did this was the beginning of June.  Yikes I can't believe I have not blogged for so long! Ok complained enough... here are some of the funny things the kids have said and done that I posted on FB since last June.

big dog vs tiny kitten = very traumitized babysitter!!
But she handled it beautifully and I love her even more!!!! At least it wasn't all bad, I think she was entertained by my silly crew. I now know that we have been watching too much TV because Sam told her "Sarah, you're sponsored by Huggies" LOL

All three kids went grocery shopping with Arlan today. In the checkout Ben makes a loud funny noise by blowing on his hand. Carlee says very loudly "Daddy did that come from your butt" LOL

Carlee was helping me with alundry and the dryer had just quit so the clothes were still pretty warm, so she said "Mama, I need a work glub" haha then she went and put one on to take the clothes out LOL

took the kids to get haircuts today - they call it the haircut store. Then Carlee in her most serious voice says "Miss Kay, our Daddy has none hair." LOL

here is an interesting conversation I just overheard my kids having...

Carlee- I miss the little kitty
Sam- it's ok Carlee, the kitty is in heaven
Ben- God is in heaven
Sam- God is my most favorite guy
Carlee- When we die and go to heaven we will see God and the little kitten! But when I get upset stay away from me so I don't bite you

my darling children figured out all on their own that bum and dumb rhyme. Apparently this is incredibly hilarous...

kids are eating lunch and Ben yells at Sam "DO YOU HEAR ME??!! AM I TALKING TO THE WALL??!!" hmmm wonder where he has heard that before

I ask Ben "Why are you wearing sweat pants, its 105 degrees?" Ben says "cuz I'm sweatin" hmmm that is actually quite logical

I catch Ben standing on the remote control for the TV, so of course I say "Ben, what are you doing?" He says "surf channeling" HAHAHA

kitchen table and chairs transformed into a jail. Bad guys Carlee & Ben put into jail by police officer Sam...can you guess who came up with a plan to escape?

yesterday at the airport Ben saw a toy helicopter he really wanted. This morning he said to Susy "SuSu can we take you back to the airport with money to buy that helicopter I love and then we can pick you up again?" LOL LOL LOL

Got a speeding ticket yesterday, grrr...but Sam put it in perspective when he said "Well Mama, it is a good thing he didn't throw you in jail!" Yep, good thing because I had forgotten my wallet and driver's license at home!!!

Ben says to Carlee about his Jelly Beans "you can taste one as long as you promise not to eat it" LOL

...Seems I was not on FB much for awhile.  I guess I was rather distracted with other things in Aug (flood in the house), Sept (making a quilt for my brothers wedding), Oct (going to Canada for my brothers wedding) and did not post anything funny that they said.  Although I know that they did, they crack me up all the time!! By the end of Oct I was posting funnies again...
The fight of the day is not over toys, nope, my children are fighting over an old cardboard box.

Ben unexpectedly shared one of his treats with Sam, then Sam said "awww Ben that was so nice, Thank You! You are the brother I have always wanted!!"

They picked their own Halloween costumes from the dressup boxes...Snow white, Fireman Sam, and "I am NOT dressed up, but Kitty is, see he is wearing this geetar" LOL why is it always Ben!

was wondering why the kids didn't complain about being hungry this afternoon. Then at bedtime they were munching away on their cache of cereal they had stashed. Daddy is so proud of their emerging survival instincts LOL

I said to the kids "go outside and play!" which they did. Five minutes later Sam came in and said "Ok I played outside" to which I replied "Are you serious?" and he so cutely said "Oh yeah Mama, I am serious, I really did play outside" LOL I then said "well, go play some more!" then he said "Ok Mama, Bye I love you...!"

Satellite TV is history at our house. Day 2 results - no complaints and creativity is flourishing, they created an entire city in my kitchen from cardboard boxes!

Asked at lunch on thanksgiving day - What are you thankful for? Ben said "my entire family and toys" Carlee said "mama, daddy, the critters and FOOD!" Sam said "I am thankful for God who gave us our family and our food!" I am thankful for my amazing kids!

Sam - I'm 5.

Sallie - That's great! I'd like to be 5. I'm almost 39.
Sam - WOW!
Sallie - Do you know anyone who is 39?
Sam - Noooo.... I can't even count to that number.

This morning Sam was snuggling with me and he said very quietly "Mama, I love you buuuut you are hurting my arm." LOL he is so sweet

Carlee just asked me for a piece of paper. I asked what for, she said so that she could count how many bullets we have. I laughed and gave her the paper. Later I asked Arlan if was doing an ammo inventory. Nope, she came up with that all on her own! Daddy is so proud!

We had been talking about things you do when you are grown up - like going away to college, getting married, having kids, etc etc. Then Carlee says to me very quietly and very seriously, like she was expecting me to to say no but hoping I would say yes..."Mama someday when I am grown up will you come visit me?"

I was hoping for a few more years before I heard "I don't love you Mama" in the middle of a fit...sigh...I can hardly wait for the middle of the night when he comes to snuggle. I hope I am still "the goodest snuggler"


I love your family!!!!