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My hubby + a 1st grader + twins in kindergarten + 4 critters..... Yeah it is chaos, but we are blessed!

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I have always been a big fan of card games and board games. As a kid I would beg my brother to play games with me and would even lose on purpose so he would keep playing. Whenever he started to lose he would quit!!

One of the things I loved about family gatherings was that we always played cards or the Christmas favorite Rummoli. I am not sure why but in the last few years we have not played many games at our family gatherings. I have several games at our house, but they don't seem to be played much. Hubby is not a big game fan, but would play if I begged long enough. The kids are just not old enough for games yet and it is difficult to get them organized enough to learn. I think that Carlee will be a game lover so I just have to be patient awhile longer!

Several years ago I was roommates with my cousin Melanie and we spent many evenings playing card games and Yahtzee. We both had a love of games and we were both always ready to play when asked. She was able to make the long 12 hour drive to come visit with us from Saturday evening and she left early this morning. Well she wasn't here long and we had pulled out the Triple Yahtzee sheets, 5 dice, and of course our calculators!

And so began our first annual Yahtzee-a-thon. I was pleasantly surprised that the kids didn't bother us too much and we were able to play with them around. They even had some turns with the dice. Ben would have liked to load them up in his tractor and trailer, Sam piled them up into a tower and knocked them over, and Carlee did very well matching dice with the same number of dots.

We played many games of Triple Yahtzee during our Yahtzee-a-thon. At the end, we crowned Mel the Yahtzee Queen because she won the most games, had the highest total score of all games, had the most Yahtzee's in one game, had the highest game score and even had the lowest score. No matter what category I came up with she won them all!! I have challenged her to another Yahtzee-a-thon next time we are together!

And so the reason why I did not post a Gratituesday yesterday was because I was too busy getting my butt whooped at Yahtzee! And yet, even though I was the big loser in our Yahtzee-a-thon I am so grateful for the time spent with my cousin, she is truly one of my best friends! I am also very grateful to have wonderful parents who allowed us to be kids and play games all weekend while they watched my kids!


I have never played Yahtzee before...but I think I need to, lol!

I love Yahtzee! Before we had kids we would play it with my sister and her husband a lot. That and monopoly. Hannah (7) loves playing Monolpoly Jr. She wins every time, and I have yet to figure out how that happens!

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