Our Blessed Chaos

My hubby + a 1st grader + twins in kindergarten + 4 critters..... Yeah it is chaos, but we are blessed!

Today's Verse

Today was our very first storytime. Well, we have storytime at home nearly everyday and sometimes several times a day, but today we went to the library and joined in with their organized storytime. The main group of kids are from the local preschool so they are all about 4 years old. Mine are still in diapers! Sam will be 3 in Nov and Ben & Carlee are 2 next month. So you can imagine how nervous I was as to how they would behave! They are not used to sitting still and paying attention.

So we got started and Sam did really well sitting down when everyone else did. Ben & Carlee - not so much, after only a minute or so I took them to the back of the room to try to somewhat contain them. Thankfully they came quietly, and after a few more minutes of introductions and other things the story started. I had slowly started to make my way back to the back of the storytime mat and once the story started the three of us were sitting down and listening to the story. Hoorray!!!!

Meanwhile Sam had made his way to the front of the group and I noticed that he would occasionly look back to make sure we were still there. And whenever we made eye contact he gave me this cute little subtle wave that was just so darn adorable. It was almost like he was saying Hey look at me, I am a big boy now, butdon't go too far away just yet cuz I'm still only 2. I was very happy with how well he did with the "big kids", and he said he had "so much fun" and that he wanted to go to the next storytime.

Ben was a bit of a handful because he wanted to roll around on the mat rather than sit still. But he was so cute because he kept trying to see where Sam was. Ben is the only one who calls Sam "Samuel" so today he was asking "Where Samuel" and then he would say "There he is" It is unfortunate that I cannot recreate the cuteness of his speech in writing.

And my biggest surprise of the day was my little miss independant was my clingon. Usually Carlee is the one who is playing by herself, even when we visit the library to take out books she is the one who is off by herself moving books around on the same shelf every week. But today she would not sit down and basically buried her head into my shoulder for most of the time. I was surprised at the drastic shyness. But of course her cuteness came through. At one point of the story we were asked what we do with our lips. The kids yelled out "kiss". So when I said kiss she turned her head to give me a kiss, and then she says "hug" and gives a great big hug. Just so cute how lovable toddlers can be.