Our Blessed Chaos

My hubby + a 1st grader + twins in kindergarten + 4 critters..... Yeah it is chaos, but we are blessed!

Today's Verse

The next day I spent wandering around Balboa Park. Arlan & I had made plans to meet at this fountain. Not a bad picture for being scanned from a throwaway camera photo!

We had not made any plans about what we were going to do and ended up going on a harbor tour. It was on a boat something like this one...

It was a beautiful tour and timed perfectly, just as the sun was setting. And then we did this...

Haha, what is funny is that this huge statue was not there when we met, it was put up when we lived there! The aircraft carrier in the background is now a museum. But the more interesting thing is that the FishMarket where we ate the first night is just to the left of where this picture was taken, and the water is the bay where we went on the Harbor Cruise.

After the cruise we discussed a couple options and then decided to go to the beach. I had been to SanDiego a few times and even been out sailing, but I had never been to the beach! (These next few photos were taken at other times but help to paint the picture) We drove over this bridge to Coronado Island...

We sat on this beach, of course it was dark at the time. The night before had been a full moon and the skies were clear so it was actually quite bright out there.

The first thing I did when we got there was walk into the water. It was the first time I put my feet in the ocean and was very exciting! Although this picture was taken a few days later, it was at the same beach and it reminds me of that night.

This is part of my journal entry from that night. It seems I couldn't have written it better myself - oh wait I did write it LOL... "After talking about a couple options we decided to go to the beach. Now I was really excited, I had never sat on an ocean beach before! We went to Coronado Island and it was absolutely perfect and incredible. The full moon was last night so it was still very bright. It illuminated the waves as they crashed in... I wish I was a better descriptive writer so I could better describe just how breathtaking it was. The smell of the sea air, the amazing sight of the moonlight glowing on the waves and an absolutely great guy hugging & kissing me in the moonlight telling how truly beautiful I am. Even the sand was great, it had no stones in it, just incredibly soft silky sand! We sat and talked alot and the more we talked the more I like him. As we talked and he answered my questions it was like I was checking off all the points of what I am looking for in the man of my dreams! hahaha I literally caught myself saying check, check, check."

So there you have it, that was our second date. And although I did not admit to it at the time, I believe I fell in love with him sitting there on that incredible beach! As we were sitting on the sand I had found a couple shells that had small holes in them. I later put them on strings and gave one to him. He still has it hanging in his truck and I have the other hanging in our van!

Note this was written in 2009