Our Blessed Chaos

My hubby + a 1st grader + twins in kindergarten + 4 critters..... Yeah it is chaos, but we are blessed!

Today's Verse

Once I finally got to SanDiego and the beautiful 85 degree weather I was able to call him and we made plans to meet at Seaport Village. I got there early and wrote out some post cards to friends while I waited. The weather was beautiful and I sat on a bench where I could see the water. That day I wrote in my journal "The aroma of the seawater was nearly intoxicating and somewhat relaxing seeing as I was incredibly nervous"

This photo is of the exact spot where Arlan & I first met!! There is some blonde lady in the picture and when I took it I was slightly annoyed that she was standing there, but now I can say that was exactly where I was standing when we saw each other!!

Now Arlan had some plans for this evening, I was just along for the ride!! I realized at some point in the evening that everything we were doing was based on things that I told him I wanted to do, loved, or had never seen. The very first thing we did was walk across the street to go up to the 40th floor of the Hyatt Hotel where they have a lounge that overlooks the ocean. If you time it just right you can see the sun setting over the ocean. Unfortunatley we were a bit too late and missed it. He knew that I had never seen an ocean sunset! But while we were there he ordered us a shrimp cocktail (one of my all time favorites!)

This picture is a side view of the hotel so you can't see the huge viewing windows on the top floor.

Then we walked through Seaport Village and made our way to the Fish Market. We had the option to dine on the balcony over the water. It was probably still 75 degrees so I jumped at that opportunity!!

So we sat outside overlooking the water which is really beautiful on a clear night, especially with a full moon! We ordered a fish sampler and another shrimp cocktail for appetizers. The shrimp was so good and so huge, I had to eat them in three bites!! Then I ordered a pasta and shrimp dish (delicious!) At the very moment my meal was placed on the table there were fireworks. Literally!!!! I was in shock and I asked him in utter disbelief "Did you plan this?" He laughed and said no, but wished that he would have thought of it. It was an amazing moment, sitting on the balcony over the water, eating delicious shrimp, with a fireworks show!

After our meal Arlan ordered me cheesecake for dessert, which is my absolute favorite. We then walked along the boardwalk back to Seaport Village where my cousin was going to pick me up. As we walked he actually asked me if he could hold my hand and later if he could have a hug! I was amazed at how special I was being treated and how could I refuse after being spoiled with shrimp, cheesecake AND fireworks!!

Here is part of what I wrote in my journal that night... "I'm still cautious, afterall my intentions were to only meet a nice guy that would take me out and do fun stuff while I'm in SanDiego. But I do hope he is for real, I like him already."

Haha that was only the beginning!!

Note that this post was written in 2009 and the photos are ones that I took in 2008 when I was at shopping at Seaport village.