Our Blessed Chaos

My hubby + a 1st grader + twins in kindergarten + 4 critters..... Yeah it is chaos, but we are blessed!

Today's Verse

On Ben & Carlee's birthday I posted about the 6 years of chaos.  Now a few weeks later it is nearly Sam's birthday and we will have a 7 year old!  That is hard to believe...but here is the proof....

Sam, you stole my heart long before these first smiles.
Walking before 10 months old!
You weren't even 11 months old when you became a big brother to twins.  You were still a baby yourself.

But then you were 1

You were so sweet already...helping your sister

and bringing your brother a drink

You would even help hold a bottle- when you weren't trying to drink from it.  Remember that you are still barely a toddler!

And then you were 2 and even the puppies got loves.

Flowers for Mama.  How sweet!

You are a boy and seem to find plenty of mischief, but it is hard to be upset with a face that lights up like that.

And then you were 3 - and still so sweet!

Your wonder and excitement for Christmas grows every year

You were even a joy to potty train

But we can't forget that you are a boy and you do get into some big messes.

Your excitement for simple pleasures thrills all who are around you.

You even love the snow...you didn't get that from your Mama
And then you were 4...even when you are learning gun safety from Daddy, you are still sweet in wanting to help your Mama blow up the diaper pail.  WooHoo no more diapers!

You have a sweet tooth...that, you did get from your Mama
Even with a mouthful of food you are cute

And then you were 5

and you say you will be a police when you grow up

Your face says it all...your life is full of joy

Someday these brothers are going to break some hearts!

You were beyond excited to start Kindergarten!

And then you were 6

You are so much fun

Growing up means losing your teeth
Wow First Grade!

And that is how you got to be 7!  You can stop growing up anytime now


SEVEN!!! Good Grief, where does time go? I pulled out Colin's baby clothes the other day to prep for baby Caleb and I started to cry! The clothes were SO little and Colin is SO big. Happy Birthday, Sam!
Hugs from the Carr's!