Our Blessed Chaos

My hubby + a 1st grader + twins in kindergarten + 4 critters..... Yeah it is chaos, but we are blessed!

Today's Verse

Recently at our church, the youth group was watching Soul Surfer.  Hubby & I were busy in the kitchen and so our kids were watching the beginning of the movie with the others.  I have not seen the movie but knew what was going to happen, but had also been told that it was not too graphic.  However, I knew that it would probably be Sam that would get upset so I was going to pull them out before that scene.

When I peeked in, the movie was at the point where she is lying on the beach with no arm - oops I was a teeny bit late...  Well, Sam fell to pieces and cried and cried and started to say he just wanted to go home.  Only problem with that is that we walked to church while it was still light out and now it was dark...and I forgot to put the outside light on in our yard - oops!  Thankfully my phone saved the day and they used it as a flashlight.

When we got home and into jammies they were asking all sorts of questions. 
- They asked about the girl in the movie, which I told them that she got better but didn't have her arm, kinda like Bootsie is missing a leg (having a three legged cat has really been a blessing!) and that people were interested in what happened to her so she used the opportunity to tell people about Jesus.
- they asked about sharks and why they were so bad.  We told them that sharks are not bad, just hungry and thought the girl was a seal or something, but spit her right out because people taste yucky to sharks. 
- Then they told me that they were "never ever going to go into the salty water ever again".  But I told them that was so silly because sharks only eat before breakfast and after supper so we will only go in the water during the day.  They thought that was a good idea - phew!

As we were having this conversation our puppy Lucy joined us on my bed and was soon quite excited to have so many willing hands to pet her.  It didn't take long before she was licking Sam who of course started to giggle and I said "Oh No the Lucy shark is attacking Sam!!!"  In between his giggles he yelled "AHHH I am being attacked by a shark and need a Coast Guard rescue!!!"  Ben and Carlee did their best to rescue their brother but ended up being attacked by the big bad Lucy shark too!  It was a big pile of giggling shark attack!

Soon the Lucy shark had enough (because remember that people taste yucky to sharks) and she left our part of the ocean (aka my bed).  But we were still in danger!  There was a huge black shark still in sight (aka Daddy's black suitcase that was still on the bed) and it had a gigantic mouth that opened up really really wide and slammed down to try to capture anything near its mouth!  That big black shark tried and tried to bite off hands and feet or any body parts that happened to be too close! 

All the scary stuff from the movie was soon replaced by major silliness and all was well by the time they went up to bed. Not sure what will happen the next time we go to the beach though!