Our Blessed Chaos

My hubby + a 1st grader + twins in kindergarten + 4 critters..... Yeah it is chaos, but we are blessed!

Today's Verse

Yesterday was my turn at the hospital with Papa.  When I got there I found out that he had been moved from ICU up to a regular room!   Of course, this is good news because he is no longer sick enough to be in ICU!  However, I quickly realized that the big change will be with the level of nursing care he will be receiving.  I was there all afternoon and there was very little contact with the nurses.  He is still incredibly weak and still cannot get himself in and out of bed on his own so I am concerned about that.  However, it might make him do more for himself which will hopefully increase his strength.  Anyway, I was thinking that we would have to spend even more time at the hospital to help him out.....

Then we found a bunch of water in the basement late last night!  Mom hauled out the shop vacs and we vacuumed and sucked up gallons and gallons and gallons and gallons of water and it just keeps seeping through the floor.  Places that we had just sucked up are soon sopping wet again.  The worst offender was the hole in the bathroom floor that is still there from when they had to fix a crack in the basement wall.  I would guess that this hole held about 5 gallons of water.  We would take all the water out of it and it was full again within 30 minutes! So every 30 minutes one of us were in there emptying the hole and sucking water out of the carpet - neither of us slept much!  Then this morning mom called a friend to help her set up a sump pump in the hole, then at least we wouldn't have to worry about that - just the water seeping up through the floor...sigh... 

Of course I have the strangest kids in the world and they thought this was all very exciting and soon had all their pant legs rolled up like mine.  Then they started running back and forth on the wet carpet singing "Slippety Slide, Slippety Slippety Slide".  I seriously need a nap!