Our Blessed Chaos

My hubby + a 1st grader + twins in kindergarten + 4 critters..... Yeah it is chaos, but we are blessed!

Today's Verse

Spring has always been my favorite season, and even more now that we live in North Carolina.  Here spring comes when it is supposed to!  I have even seen crocuses and daffodils blooming on my birthday, which is at the end of February. Growing up in Canada I only ever saw the dead of winter on my birthday so being here and truly experiencing spring is so refreshing.  I think that all those cold miserable birthdays have made me appreciate spring here so much more!

Here are some photos I took the first day of spring (well, technically it was the day after the first day of spring).  Hard to imagine that in Saskatchewan they still have three feet of snow!  There are moments that I really miss home, and then there are those moments that I really don't!

I don't even know what kind of tree or shrub this is growing in our yard, but what a beautiful surprise!

Here is my tulip tree which seems to get prettier every year!

A close up of the tulip tree.

By now the daffodils are nearly done blooming, but there was still a few.

A huge Camellia tree in my neighbor's yard

Our house is in the background.  I have such a pretty view in the spring!