Our Blessed Chaos

My hubby + a 1st grader + twins in kindergarten + 4 critters..... Yeah it is chaos, but we are blessed!

Today's Verse

Every fall I want a family photo.  This has two purposes, first it become the Christmas card that we send to our family and friends and secondly it will go into our family photo album along with the photos of the kids we have done every year around their birthdays.  This year was no different than last year - it is impossible to get a good photo of all of us together...

This one is my favorite - only one small problem...I am not in it (probably why it is my favorite)

So this is an example, of the typical family photo.  Not too bad of me and Carlee (and it certainly has to be a good one of me to make the final cut), but Sam's eyes are closed, Ben is looking away, and hubby was pointing and saying something so he has a goofy look.

Here is a more typical shot of me trying to get them smiling.  I am probably saying something like "Everyone say YAY for candy!!!"

Here we have completely lost control and that was the end of the family photo shoot.  Once I saw the photos I knew we didn't have "the shot" and I really hated the red.  By then it was too late in the day and we would have to try another day.

One day while we were waiting for Daddy to be home at the right time of day - daylight would be helpful - I took the kids to a park and with the beautiful fall colors I had  my camera along.  First thought I had was - if I could get a good group shot of the kids we could use that for the Christmas cards...

Yeah right! What was I thinking!!!
Apparently when you tell my kids to say cheese it also means they are also supposed to look away from the camera and make goofy faces.

But then I managed to get these three photos and Costco had the perfect card for three photos! Problem solved - Christmas cards done.  People just want to see the kids anyways haha!!!