Our Blessed Chaos

My hubby + a 1st grader + twins in kindergarten + 4 critters..... Yeah it is chaos, but we are blessed!

Today's Verse

I sure have not been very good at keeping my blog updated.  Spending too much time on facebook I guess.  I have alot of posts to do from the last couple months, but need to upload photos and videos for that, and well that takes time!  Quick little funnies on my facebook status are easy!  Anyway, I thought I would copy some of them from the last month or so that those of you who are not on Facebook could have a giggle or two as well.  Of course, that may only be my Mom and Mel haha enjoy!

Ben comes to sit with me and says "I really want to snuggle with you Mama" of course I can't refuse. He then rubs my cheek and says "I love you Mama" as he leans in for what I think is going to be a kiss. I should have known better! Nope, my darling 3 year old sucked my nose. GROSS! Then he started to laugh hysterically and ran into the other room chanting "I sucked Mama's nose! I sucked Mama's nose!"

Ben and Sam were having a nasty fight. It was over who was going to throw something in the garbage. I sent them to time out, then they were supposed say sorry for fighting and have a hug. Now they are fighting over how big of a hug they are going to have. Isn't it bedtime yet?

Ben tried out my new scissors on my nice comforter. They work - really, really well. Then after I had tamed the Mommy Monster he comes to snuggle with me and says "Mama, I am real sorry I cut your blankie and your pillow". Aww so sweet - wait a minute - what was that about my pillow??? ....sigh.... just another day....

Who knew that a hole puncher would provide 30 minutes of entertainment

Lesson of the day - teach your 4 year old how to unlock the toy handcuffs BEFORE you agree to be the bad guy and get handcuffed

While snuggling with Sam he says "Mama you smell funny" I say "Oh really??" Sam says "well not stinky, or smelly, you just smell different" Then I recalled that I had been in the pool today. LOL

When I opened the oven Ben yells with overwhelming excitement "Oh yummm! My Favorite!!" then he quietly says "Um Mama, what is it?" LOL
The boys are upstairs in the bathroom and I hear "EEEEWWWWW that's gross" followed by hysterical giggling. I honestly do not want to know and I really thought I would have a few more years of sweet boys before all the gross stuff started...sigh...

In case you were wondering what happened at our house today...I now have a bunch of brown sugar beautifully mixed in with the white sugar and a whole lot more decorating my floors, yes, the same floors that I had just finished cleaning not that long ago...sigh...now where did they hide the mop.   When I asked what they were doing they said, practicallly in unison "havin a snack" to which my reply was "ummm, well, sugar is not a snack" of course they asked "why not" so I told them "because it is an ingredient!" and thankfully they were happy with that, oh and a bowl of fruit loops. LOL no sugar in those right?

Sam is sitting with me and asks very seriously "Mama, will you be my Mommy forever?" I say "yes!" He says with a huge smile "Oh good, and I am going to be your son forever!!" I nearly melted!!

Wanna start a giggle fest at my house? Just sing "Twinkle Twinkle Little Ants, wearing purple underpants"  For days after this started Carlee would only wear purple underwear!

The kids are playing outside and I go to check on them. They inform me "We are playing family and you can go back inside now" Apparently I am not part of the family LOL

Ben came screaming into the house "A bee bit me, a bee bit me on my fum" (aka thumb LOL). Then he said "The bee bit me with his bad pokey part, OH MAMA it hurts so much!! I am never ever ever going to pick up a bee ever again!" hmmm lesson learned!

We were watching some cute videos and Sam says, "can we turn this off now, it is disturbing my brain because my brain is still trying to sleep" LOL

The kids were spinning each other and then were just spinning. Carlee started singing "I'm a spinny girl, I'm a spinny girl" Oh golly, I sure hope not LOL


i like having them listed all in one place even though I have FB. :)

Good Call and no I am still not signing up for facebook! I miss your blogging and I havent seen pics of the kids in a while, get your butt in gear! my fav was the one about Sam's brain still trying to sleep

Love Mel