Our Blessed Chaos

My hubby + a 1st grader + twins in kindergarten + 4 critters..... Yeah it is chaos, but we are blessed!

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I have been watching nearly every moment of the coverage of the Olympics since it started. I simply love watching Olympics!!! However, there is one big disadvantage. I am Canadian and living in the States, and therefore stuck with only NBC coverage. I sure do miss the Canadian coverage of the Olympics in Canada!! Oh well, the advantage to this year's Olympics is sharing it with the kids.  I am grateful to have the opportunity to show our kids that it is fun to cheer on athletes from all countries.  And that someday they will understand that not only are they American but that because I am Canadian they are too!

They really liked watching speed skating and quickly started to pretend they were speed skating.  Here they are in their helmets and "skates". I am not sure how cowboy boots became skates!!  Looks like they both had them on the wrong feet hahaha!
Ben even found some "glasses".  I think we were watching cross country skiing by then.

Then hockey came on and they all had helmets and were throwing a ball into the holes of the cat house. I think they are confusing some sports! But they did have fun.  Here is Carlee watching hockey with her helmet.

Then they came up with their own sport - spinning!  Sorry about the bump with the camera - I couldn't help but laugh!

The sport of spinning evolved throughout the day and I really think it will be an Olympic sport someday!  And in case you can't quite hear her, Carlee said "On your marks, get set, GO!"

Yep, definately a future Olympic sport and Ben will win Gold!  He is our champion spinner!!

Oh and in case you happen to be observant - no, we did not spend the entire day in our jammies.  Those happen to be our official Olympics watching uniforms!  Just so you know!


he looks like quite a fun character

Oh my goodness Carrie...I couldn't stop laughing! That is hilarious! Cassie and Colin are looking so forward to you all returning. Colin and Cassie love watching the video's and looking at the pictures. Colin was telling me about the play dates we used to have in CA! I can't believe he remembers! I can foresee Coin and Ben getting into trouble! We'll have to have an official spin off...could Ben walk after spinning that long? Anyway, we are headed for Newfoundland in the morning. We'll send pics while we are there. Chat with you soon.

This brings back memories from childhood. We used to "ice skate" on the driveway (in the summer time), pretending we were in the Olympics!