Our Blessed Chaos

My hubby + a 1st grader + twins in kindergarten + 4 critters..... Yeah it is chaos, but we are blessed!

Today's Verse

This morning as I was still lying in bed I heard some geese, nothing unusual, I hear geese often.  But then I heard some more and some more, and it wasn't going away.  Sam finally asked "Mama, what's all that noise?"  I said "We should check it out".  So I opened the blind and was amazed!  There were hundreds of snow geese in the air and in the field behind our house!!! Of course I ran to get the camera!  This is the first photo I got.

After watching for awhile I noticed that smaller flocks kept coming in and would circle before landing.  They also seemed quite skittish and it wouldn't take long and the whole flock would take off. They would start circling and then start to land again.  Here is one of some landing.

This one was just as the flock was spooked by something on the left and they all started to take off.

And one of what the sky looked like as they were circling. 

Soon the sun came up more and the sky changed to a beautiful blue!  I love these ones!!

This last one is not zoomed, I could hear their wings flapping and I even got pooped on!  Quite a morning!

But you need to hear it too!  The quality of the videos is not great but the sound is what I was really after. Truly amazing!  The first one is after they had been spooked and were circling.

Then I captured them as they were starting to land after they had been circling.

And finally I captured when they were spooked and started to take off.   Unfortunately I missed the first few seconds of it. There was absolutely no wind, so the sound you hear is not wind in the microphone, but the sound of them all taking off at the same time!  I just stood there and turned as they circled around me.

I was completely in awe of God's creation this morning, it was quite an experience and in my own back yard!  You sure can't get this in the city and I am so grateful to live out in the country!!!

hmmm, I wonder if they will be back tomorrow?