Our Blessed Chaos

My hubby + a 1st grader + twins in kindergarten + 4 critters..... Yeah it is chaos, but we are blessed!

Today's Verse

A little while ago the kids were upstairs having their rest time when Sam started screaming. I ran upstairs to find him sitting on my bed holding his foot and leg. He cried hard for a couple minutes before I could even find out what happened. I was very concerned in those couple of minutes, mentally planning what I would need to grab on the way to the ER.

I think what happened is that Carlee accidently dropped her juice cup on Sam's foot. She was looking quite upset and said "Sorry Sam" several times. That part was cute! Anyway, he wouldn't let me near him and from what I could see there was no blood. I was pretty sure that nothing was broken because of the way he was holding his foot and pushing and pulling his toes, but it was pretty obvious that it hurt alot! He was still crying hysterically and nothing I did calmed him. He kept asking for Daddy so I even put in a quick call to Daddy hoping he would calm down enough to tell Daddy what happened. Nope, didn't work. Finally I just snuggled him and laid down with him. That and the help of his mo-mo (pacifier) his cries slowly turned to sniffles. Then he said something that I couldn't understand because of the mo-mo in his mouth. He took it out and this was the conversation...(imagine the most pitiful 3 year old voice you can, all of this was much more pitiful)

Sam I can't run

Mama Oooohhh I know it hurts lots

Sam I can't run, I can't do anything......I can't run...or skip or hop.....or even walk....I can't turn or boom or...or...or DANCE!!! (turn is spinning, boom is running around the furniture and falling into it)

At this point he bursts into more tears and I am trying my very very hardest not to giggle because it was soooo pitiful. A couple minutes later he calms down and I have to go downstairs because I have bread in the oven and I knew it would be done soon. So I went down, and a couple minutes later Sam calls me from the top of the stairs. Here is that conversation...(still quite pitiful)

Sam (sitting on the top step) Mama! Mama I need you!
Mama (from the bottom step) Yeah Sam
Sam You can look at my foot now
Mama Okay, can you come down the stairs (I am wanting to see if he will walk on it)
Sam Okay, but I need to be very very careful (he proceeds to keep his foot raised and comes down on his butt, ever so slowly saying these things on every step...) Careful....I need to be very careful Mama...carefully so I don't bump my boo-boo...ouch ouch ouchy ouch...more careful... (well you get the idea)

I finally got his sock off and his big toe is turning slightly purple, nothing too serious. He wouldn't let me put a coldpack on it, even after talking to Mimi on the phone who wisely suggested the same thing. All he wanted was a bandaid so that's what he got. After which he ran out of the room. But it must have still hurt because after a couple minutes he came hobbling back, walking on his heel with his toes pointed up.

I have decided that this will be the child that will think the world is coming to an end if he gets so much as a sliver!


I have 3 boys and the middle one is just like Sam. He is so sensitive to pain. I think he got all of the sensitivity because my 3rd child doesn't seem to even notice pain (even when he has a big bump, bruise or is bleeding).
That was a sweet story... but it does sound ouchy!

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LOL, he sound's just like my son :)
Funny how a band-aid makes it all better!